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2 July 1966
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I joined LJ because I wanted to read the fanfic here and post my fanfic here. And although my fandom focus has shifted, fanfic is still the primary reason I'm here. Why am I pointing this out? Because it directly affects my friending policy.

I like to keep my friends' list short so I can scan my friends' page easily. I'm most likely to friend you if you are actively writing fanfic that I want to read--and I might not even then if you cross post to a community I follow.

If I don't friend you, don't worry. I rarely friends-lock anything, and I never friends-lock my fics. So if you've friended me, and I didn't friend you back, don't take it personally; it isn't meant that way. You are all welcome here!

I've also recently changed my settings so only registered LJ users can comment on my posts. I hated to do it; I'd prefer if anyone could comment without "joining the club"; however, I've had a ton of spam in the comments lately, and I'm trying to deal with that. Since almost all of it is from non-registered users, perhaps this will solve the problem.


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